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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Old Pecos Trail Cafe
     2239 Old Pecos Trail

Dinner:                      5:30 PM

Our May Meeting is
Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Old Pecos Trail Cafe

Meeting:                   7:15 PM
Lecture:                    7:30 PM

Local Speaker: Michael Bletzer
Subject: “
Recuerdos de mediodía: archaeological and historical snippets of the Rio Grande Piro province, c. 1500-1700

Lecture Details

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“An Indigenous Archaeology of Resistance. San Ildefonso Pueblo and the Siege at Tunyo, 1694
Woody Aguilar
San Ildefonso Pueblo; University of Pennsylvania

The Pueblo Revolt and Spanish Reconquest (Pueblo Revolt Era) were critical moments in Pueblo history that defined the state of Pueblo communities into contemporary times. In the aftermath of the Reconquest, Pueblo communities settled in the locations that we know today, and a new era of pueblo history was brought forth. Recently, archaeologists and pueblo communities have partnered on projects that investigate the nature of Revolt Era sites on ancestral pueblo lands and, have offered new perspectives and interpretations on this critical juncture of history. Advances in archaeological methods and the rise of Indigenous Archaeology have helped lead the growing trend toward an archaeology that incorporates indigenous values and points of view. This presentation will present some of the findings and innovative methods used in Pueblo Revolt Archaeology, and how this research is leading to new conversations and understandings about the Pueblo Revolt and Reconquest

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