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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Old Pecos Trail Cafe
     2239 Old Pecos Trail

Dinner:                      5:30 PM

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Old Pecos Trail Cafe

Meeting:                   7:15 PM
Lecture:                    7:30 PM

Local Speaker: Justin St. P. Walsh
Subject: “
To Boldly Go Where No Archaeologist Has Gone Before”: An Archaeological Investigation of a Human Habitation Site in Space

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“An Archaeological Adventure on the Island of Yap”
Steve Post
Office of Archaeological Studies, Museum of New Mexico

In July and August 2016, I had the singular opportunity to join a research project led by Dr. James E. Snead, California State University-Northridge to the Island of Yap in the Federated States of Micronesia. Located 6500 miles west of Los Angeles, Yap covers an area of 34 square miles and is the administrative and chiefly center of the Caroline Islands chain that stretches 800 miles to the east. Before full-scale European contact in 1885, Yap was a highly stratified paramount chiefdom with more than 120 villages within 12 districts inhabited by as many as 50,000 people. This highly regulated society built their homes, community and ceremonial structures, waterworks and inter- and intra-village paths of stone. Origins, village and settlement patterns, and an economic system based on stone money have been investigated by archaeologists in the past, but our study is the first to systematically study a sample of the hundreds of kilometers of stone paths found in the villages throughout the island. My talk will introduce the audience to Yap, its people and culture, and our investigation, which took us from the coastal tidal flats to the upland savannahs of this exotic and far flung place

Steve Post has directed more than 200 projects spanning 7,500 years of New Mexico’s past. Working as a project director and principal investigator for the New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies, he was involved in numerous large projects including the New Mexico History Museum and the Santa Fe Community Convention Center, which produced findings on almost 1500 years of culture change in downtown Santa Fe. Now an independent consultant, he is working on archaeological and archival study of lands along the Pecos River.

The Santa Fe Archaeological Society. PO Box 31603, Santa Fe, NM 87594

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