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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Old Pecos Trail Cafe
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Dinner:                      5:30 PM

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Old Pecos Trail Cafe

Meeting:                   7:15 PM
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Local Speaker: Justin St. P. Walsh
Subject: “
To Boldly Go Where No Archaeologist Has Gone Before”: An Archaeological Investigation of a Human Habitation Site in Space

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“A Revisionist View of Chaco Canyon: Is it Simpler than We Think?”
Eric Blinman
Director, Office of Archaeological Studies

Chaco is remarkable and important for many different and marvelous reasons. Unfortunately, one of those reasons is that despite the investment of an incredible amount of financial and intellectual capital, archaeologists seem to be no closer to a consensus about what Chaco is and what it was. At the risk of being dismissed as hopelessly naive, what if Chaco was simply the centralized expression of a shared religious system within a single ethnolinguistic group? This talk will take a historical perspective on Four Corners archaeology and will build a parsimonious model of Chaco from the ground up. No need for kings ... Mesoamerican visitors were the audience, not the producers ... and social complexity was creative rather than coercive.


Dr. Eric Blinman was appointed director of the OAS in 2006 upon the retirement of Dr. Timothy D. Maxwell. Eric has been involved in archaeology in the western United States since 1967, focusing on Ancestral Puebloan archaeology since 1979. His undergraduate training was at UC Berkeley, and his graduate degrees in anthropology are from Washington State University.

Eric joined the OAS staff in 1988 and served as an acting director for the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in 1999. His research activities have included paleoclimate studies, tribal consultations, archaeomagnetic dating, and reconstructions of the social history of Puebloan peoples. However, he is probably best known for his research on pottery and textiles and for his participation in OAS educational programs throughout New Mexico. In the summer of 2007 he participated in a colloquium, Past Climate Change: Human Survival Strategies, hosted by the king of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf, in Narsaq, Greenland.

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