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Santa Clara, Puye
Elijah Naranjo Smith
Santa Clara Pueblo

As we walked among the ancient structures, guide Elija Naranjo-Smith  described the daily life of his ancestors. They were self-sufficient, he said, growing corn, beans and squash, gathering pinon nuts and hunting  deer, elk and rabbits.

.Puye, he said, means "the place where rabbits gather."


Eli was born May 8, 1977 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is the son of the  Santa Clara potter, Dolly Naranjo, and the brother of Jody Naranjo. Eli  learned how to make pottery from his mother, Dolly. He has been actively working on pottery since 2000. Like the other traditional potters in  his family, he makes his own clay, and uses all hand dug slips. His work is hand coiled and fired outside in the traditional method. Eli is well known for his incised work. He carves the designs after firing. He  received the Dubin Fellowship from School of American Research in 2005.  Eli has been awarded a 1st place ribbon at the Santa Fe Indian Market.

Elijah is from Santa Clara Pueblo and comes from a long line of Santa  Clara potters. He works with traditional clays and firing methods to  produce black, brown, and red combination pots with sgrafitto designs.

“I began working on pottery in 1999,”ť Elijah explains. “I became  interested in pottery because I was amazed by how beautiful it was and  is. I tried to make pottery thinking that it would be easy to create  such beauty. I have found that it is extremely difficult to create  beautiful pottery. In my eyes, I am not artistically gifted at all. I  love the challenge of trying to create something that comes so hard to  me.”

Before winning the Dubin Fellowship, Elijah spent time at IARC as a  volunteer, helping to move the large pieces during IARC’s recent  renovation of its vaults. As he observed the oversized pieces being  moved from one side of the vault to the other, he developed a desire to  make large pots, which present difficult challenges to the artist.

Elijah has attended the University of New Mexico and New Mexico  Highlands University. The Heard Museum and several galleries in Santa  Fe, Albuquerque, and Denver have shown his work. Elijah will be working at the Dubin Studio from June 16th through August 16th. Please stop by to welcome him or watch him work.

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