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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Old Pecos Trail Cafe
     2239 Old Pecos Trail

Dinner:                      5:30 PM

Our May Meeting is
Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Old Pecos Trail Cafe

Meeting:                   7:15 PM
Lecture:                    7:30 PM

Local Speaker: Michael Bletzer
Subject: “
Recuerdos de mediodía: archaeological and historical snippets of the Rio Grande Piro province, c. 1500-1700

Lecture Details

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“Archaeological Evidence of “Dirty Little Wars” in Northern Mexico and the Desert Southwest”
Charles M. Haecker

National Park Service

It is a long-held truism that, since the 1490s, Spanish (and later Euro-American) lopsided victories over Amerindian societies were inevitable. This belief is founded on the invaders’ obviously superior technology and tactics: firearms and steel swords against wooden clubs and stone-tipped projectiles; steel armor versus little or no armor; use of the war horse as both a tactical and psychological weapon of terror; and military formations that maximized Western-style weaponry effectiveness. The implicit corollary to this belief is that Amerindians were incapable of making appropriate modifications to their ways of waging war. Yet this concept of inevitable conquest against a congenitally inferior foe is false at its core. As will be presented, many native tribes not only made modifications to their traditional methods of warfare but also introduced innovative techniques that could check, and even reverse for a while, hostile encroachments into their homelands.

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